Professor Doctor Muhammad Maqsood Ilahi Naqshbandi

The founder of this organization Professor Doctor Muhammad Maqsood Illahi Naqshbandi is a renowned spiritual and Islamic figure of present times. Al Maqsood Foundation a spiritual and reformative organization that aims to reform our society from social and spiritual ills. These are the hard times when our society is crippled under the burden of social, political and spiritual decadence. Human being are trapped and ensnared by satanic intrusions and our spiritual state is badly tarnished by excessive sinning.

Hazrat Allama professor doctor Muhammad Maqsood Illahi Naqshbandi

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Al-Maqsood Foundation is an international organization with its network spread across the six continents. Within Pakistan it operates in Karachi, Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan, and Sarhad provinces. Globally its operations are spread across the Middle East including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar; Europe, including the Britain, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, and Spain; in Africa including Malawi, Mozambique, and South Africa. Al-Maqsood Foundation has also presence in Mumbai, Australia and the United States of America.


Professor Doctor Muhammad Maqsood Illahi Naqshbandi

is a well-known personality in medical field. He completed his Masters and Graduation from Jamshoro University Sindh. He is educationist, qualified doctor, expert hakeem, international preacher, productive writer and social activist. He has been teaching Chemistry in different colleges of Karachi since 1982 and got retired from the designation of HOD chemistry department.